Our NEW RELEASE in 2015, the first of many to come.....
  1. It's A New Sound
  2. Warrior Child
  3. Fight The Enemy in Praise
  4. Warrior's Song
  5. Calling Me Home
  6. On My Wings
  7. Stand Strong
  8. Glory Rain
  9. Healing Oil


2015 Phil & Brenda Hamilton Music
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We know of several people who have lost loved ones dear to them.
Brenda Hamilton has written 4 songs on "It's A New Sound" album release that would help comfort grieving families.

Warrior's Song
Calling Me Home
On My Wings
Stand Strong

Here is a special song we have made available for you to listen to and send a link to your family and friends to hear. You can listen to these songs over and over again by purchasing this CD or downloading mp3 files at Amazon, CDBaby, or iTunes. You can follow the links provided above for easy access.

Be comforted by listening to "Calling Me Home" and again, sorry for your loss.
"Calling Me Home"