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Phil & Brenda Hamilton are ministers of Gateway International Ministries residing in Auburn, WA. Phil is Native American from the Muckleshoot Tribe in Auburn and Brenda is Canadian First Nations from the Tsawout Band in B.C. and Hispanic descent. They have been in the ministry since 1980. Brenda is a worship leader, writing songs since 2005. You can go to www.gatewayim.org

Brenda began writing songs from a heart of worship as God began to give her new songs. Songs coming quickly, a new sound emerges with a resounding message of revival, spiritual warfare, comfort, encouragement, repentance, restoration, and such a spirit of praise to a Holy God! Singing in the presence of God's glory, new songs are given in prophetic worship as God's Holy Spirit changes the atmosphere and a heavenly portal is opened in worship. Phil & Brenda Hamilton Music are excited to begin to release these new songs that have a fresh message of God's heart to His people.

For information about our Music Publisher and Record Label contact Newhauken Arts Ltd at www.newhaukenarts.com There you will find the necessary information to obtain your mechanical license for any recorded cover songs of our copyrighted songs. All of our original songs and sound recordings are registered with United States Copyright Office, Washington, D.C.
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